3 Resolute Personalities that inspire me – Oladimeji Oluwaga

Hello guys, it’s another beautiful Tuesday today and we have decided to share with you three Resolute Personalities that have inspired one of our BIE reader, Oladimeji Oluwaga. Read and be inspired…

  1. Faith Abiodun

After coming across his Public Speaking School in University of Ibadan-The Speech Academy- where I started to nurture my skills in public speaking, I sort out to find the person whose force was strong enough to put together my super tutors in persons of Goodness Kolawole, Adebayo Damilola and Banke and also The F.A.I.T.H Initiative that is filled with brilliant minds inside and outside the walls of the premier University. The answers were not far-fetched as he as a topic and reference still graced the discussions of agent of revolutions like himself, though he had graduated few years earlier from the institution with a degree in Geography after being found worthy in character and learning. Crowned champion of the most competitive public speaking competition in his alma mater University of Ibadan-Super Bowl where he inspired me with his wits and logic, most especially his build up and delivery when giving a speech.

Faith Abiodun

Faith Abiodun

He is a very practical and hands on person, though I have had no personal encounter with him but the numerous platforms he has created inspired me to stay true to my message as an aspiring human capitalist and remain consistent. He sure is a person with the “THINK IT-DO IT-DO IT PROPERLY” spirit. Part of the platforms he has appeared on and also convenedare; Passion to Profession (P2P), African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU), The Speech Academy, The F.A.I.T.H initiative etc. most of which are targeted towards global leadership, enterprise development, education advancement and human capital development all of which have inspired me to always pursue whatever I set my mind to do assiduously without wavering.

  1. Chiamaka Obuekwe

It is not unusual to see different materials with a caption clamoring for the diversification of the Nigerian Economy; unfortunately one will only be lucky to find 1 out of 100 stories of ventures aimed at diversifying, not to talk of success stories. Amongst the few that are “effectively walking the talk” is Chiamaka “Social Prefect Girl” Obuekwe whom I call “The Oloibiri Experience of Tourism and Hospitality in Nigeria”, not because she is the pioneer of some sort in the tourism industry in Nigeria but more because of her innovative and unique approach which makes tourism newly discovered and “unexpectedly expected”.

Chiamaka Obuekwe

Chiamaka Obuekwe

This quality of the convener of “Social Prefect” has inspired me to think out of the box continuously, walk the talk and walk the talk uniquely, more importantly, reinvent ways of doing things and keep originality. Her perspective to things is another source of inspiration for me. It inspires me to look differently and with foresight about whatever I am doing presently. She is not deterred by constraints created by her surrounding (The Nigerian Economy), she waited on no one and started off by taking steps that are gradually turning to flights. Where others saw a bunch of rocks, noisy water or even a dilapidated building, she saw an opportunity to bring people together, have fun, appreciate nature, unwind and also add value to our country and our economy too.

  1. Darryll Suliaman Amoaka

The situation surrounding my encounter with Suli Breaks, an English Spoken Word Poet is rather ironic. I listened to a track titled “Why I hate school but love Education” off his Spoken Word EP called “The Dorm EP” while having an all-night reading session in my school library and my views to what mattered were disrupted,Yes!, he caused a big disruption. A disruption that made me ask questions that really matter and led me to pursue answers which eventually served me well. Real name DarryllSuliamanAmoaka, despite bagging a law degree from the highly rated University of Sheffield decided to do what he discovered he loved-POETRY.

Darryll Suliaman Amoaka

Darryll Suliaman Amoaka

Though he discovered during his final year in school, he took no second thoughts and chased the dream assiduously. This act inspires me to chase my passion and dream no matter how late it seems. His use of words as a weapon for revolution has had great effect on me to be who I want to be and also help others too. Various quotes from him inspired me till I got a mantra which is “Human investment is the best investment one can have , because it gives better returns than any other investment, be it stock, bonds, securities or shares. He stays true to his message, this has seen him feature at the top pedestal when it comes to spoken words and also take a lot of people out of “school” to be educated, one of which I am. More reason the situation surrounding our encounter was ironic.

Life as we know it comes in stages of different difficulties and various hurdles. These people have helped me scale various hurdles in different capacities because I took a cue from them. I hope we are inspired from their stories. As someone said and I paraphrase “I can see farther than my peers because I sit on the shoulders of giants from whom I get inspiration”. Be an inspiration, Get inspired, Be empowered.


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  1. Cool! Really awesome values. Nigerian youth can be role models too and this is inspiring.

  2. Great personalities making great impact…

  3. I don’t really know them but I’m inspired by their stories. Nice one there


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