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The Value You Add, Determines How Important You Are


Article By Tokunbo Fasoro This lady, who was just hired as an intern was barely two months in my organisation. One day, I had called her into my office to get some ideas from her, since she studied Social Work in school. As we talked, I shared some thoughts with her and the challenges we were facing at that time. She looked at me and said, ‘Sir, I wish I had a million naira now, I would have given you for this project. First off, do not pay my salary for now.’ Hmm. I was surprised. Shortly after, I received a very SHORT notice to PITCH for an opportunity for Access Bank to partner with Project Revamp Africa in our school projects. The notice was VERY short. By the time, I had knowledge of the ‘competition’, I knew that I had to step up my game. She volunteered to help me out. A day to the presentation, we had to work till very late at night. She lives a bit far from the office. The next day, she went with me for the presentation. We had won the first phase, but had a bigger fish to fry. At that time, ...

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What you can do

I was out over the weekend and I met a young lady (Tolu) who shared the story of how she discovered her career and grew in it. I thought I should share with BIE readers, it just might inspire someone. Tolu told me how she studied Accounting while she was in University not because she had a passion for it but because she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to become many things ranging from a fashion designer, to an actress, to a model to becoming a banker. She was still unclear about what she really wanted by the time she graduated from school and went for her National Youth Service Program. After that she was faced with the question “What next?” She started learning how to sew in the meantime instead of mopping about at home. After some time she got a teaching job close to her house which made her happy; ‘happy but not fulfilled’. Happy because the experience gave her the opportunity to learn and impact lives, but unfulfilled because she wanted to do more. Shortly after that, she got a job with a consulting firm and that was where she started discovering ...

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