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How I Got An Office Space Through Networking

There is a saying that “Even a lone ranger has a horse”. No man can live in isolation. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, I was working from home at the time. There was a need to get an office space and I had been praying desperately for one. At that time, I had started an Entrepreneurship Management class at the Pan Atlantic University and you can trust that I ensured I spoke to everyone in class. I would leave my group and go to other groups just to meet people. It was something I really loved doing. One day, in the middle of my program, I had a brilliant Idea, which today has grown into BI empowerment, but I didn’t know how to go about it then. I decided to have a chat with the Director of the program. As I began to describe my idea to him, he bluntly told me I could not pull the idea through without an office space, and in a polite way told me that our discussion would continue when I get this space. Extremely depressed and demotivated, I began to walk down the staircase confused in a confused haze. Immediately I got downstairs, ...

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How to answer Questions in an interview

The big questions asked during an interview A couple of years ago, my idea of a job interview was being in front of a hard, unsmiling panel and having extremely difficult questions thrown at me, like rocks. However, when I got invited for my first interview, I realized this is not always the case. A job interview does not have to be tense. In fact, you may find yourself with a very friendly panel, who will go all out to make you feel as comfortable as possible. However, irrespective of the size and manner of the panel you are faced with, what is required of you is confidence and of course, the appropriate answers to every question you are asked. This part is what’s tricky. Therefore, in this post, we’d be looking at the simple ways to answer 5 tricky questions you are likely to get in your job interview. 1. Tell Me About Yourself. This question seems very straightforward. However, it is tricky because though it sounds like an invitation to tell your life story, it is not. When asked the ‘tell me about yourself’ question, what the hiring panel is actually asking you is to tell them about ...

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Working With Your Friend As A Co Founder

I read this articles online and  I could completely relate to it,  I had once found myself in the same situation sometime ago and also didn’t handle it well. Reading this article made me realize the mistakes I made. Be inspired when learning from this. Should I Work With My Best Friend As Co founder? By Brett Fox I had a very close friend who was a co-founder of my company.  Here’s what happened: “You have an EQ of zero!” Ken yelled at me. “What the hell is an EQ?” I asked. “Perfect!” Ken screamed back. Then he hung up the phone. Those were the last words Ken ever said to me. Just like that a twenty-year friendship and business relationship ended forever. Ken was a co-founder of my company. More importantly I considered him a close friend. I had lunch with Ken the day before to have our weekly 1:1. I pushed him pretty hard at lunch because he wasn’t performing well. I looked down at Ken’s feet and he wasn’t wearing socks. It triggered a memory of when we were raising money. We were in a diligence meeting with a VC and I vividly remembered the VC looking ...

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The Keys To An Enduring Business

By Opeyemi Komolafe In the world today, we hear about so many businesses which do not outlive their creator/founder/owner. The business is meeting needs, providing goods and services for  thousands or even millions of clients, but shortly after the owner dies or retires, the business is run aground. As an entrepreneur, no matter what grand innovative ideas you have, no matter how fantastic your business acumen is, you cannot live beyond one lifetime. To ensure that your business; your legacy endures for generations: You must set up systems and structures. You must replicate yourself. You must pour yourself into others. You must select a group of future leaders into which you will transmit your way of doing things, your ideology, your creativity, your morality, your principles, your standards and your personality. It should be so effectively done that when you are absent, things should run as well as if you are on ground or even better. This select group of people should spend time with you getting to know how you think, how you react in situations, how you get inspired with ideas and what you envision the business to be.  You should have laid down documented policies and standard ...

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Secrets To Passing A Job Interview

By Tokunbo Fasoro Interviewers tend to use the interview to try to determine who you are as a person. In other words, how you get along with other people and your desire to work. They will specifically try to identify as much as possible from how you behave. They will also pay attention to how you respond concisely, cooperate fully in answering questions and keep to the subject at hand. These are very important elements that influence the interviewer’s decisions. Below are five tips to gain an extra edge in your interview. Preparation is Key:  Ensure you learn about the employer, the job and the organization doing the recruiting on social media. Find out what is happening in the employers field, try to identify problems in that field and explain why you think you will be able to solve such problems citing some of your specific accomplishments to make your case. Relate yourself to the interviewers need:  Once you figure out the type of  person the interviewer is looking for, ensure you discuss your past achievements in relation to the employers need.  That is why it is important to ensure you look for every opportunity to intern or volunteer when ...

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What if you don’t fail – Zika Nwaise

Hello guys, trust we are already in the weekend spirit. I just thought to give us something to chew on over the weekend, I hope you find it inspiring. So many times, I hear people say, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’, ‘What if I don’t get it right?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t come out right?’. But they hardly say, ‘What if it does work?’ or ‘What if it becomes the best?’. How would we know if we do not try. I was once in a state of dilemma about either taking a risk and going into a particular business or just keeping my money in a fixed deposit account and watch it grow gradually. After so much conflicting opinions from friends and family, a dear friend told me I had two options; either go after what I wanted or remain where I was, and that of these two options, only one could guarantee a different result. And then it struck me, I had never taken the risk of starting up anything but had always admired my friends whose businesses were blooming, so I decided to take a risk. Now what I’m trying to say is, let us not allow ...

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