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Do You Own or Manage a Business? Are You Tired of The Same Bottom-Line Every Year? Is Your Business Organised & Success Driven? Net-works Business Academy Presents An Opportunity To Attend: ENTREPRENEURSHIP MASTER CLASS 2017 TARGET AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, SME Business Owners, Managers & their Teams etc BENEFITS: – World Class Relevant + Practical Business Knowledge – Excellent Facilitators with Practical Experience In Building Local & Global Successful Businesses – Syndicated Business Networking Opportunities – Access to Business Support Desk – Membership of Academy Alumni Association (1st Year Free*) – Access to Prestigious & Exclusive Net-Works Business Club Membership* – Distinguished Faculty, Visiting Scholars & Advisory Council DATE: April 21st, 22nd, 28th,29th, May 5th & 6th (Fridays & Saturdays only), 2017 VENUE: Incubator 2, RCCG City Of David, COD Road, Off Ligali Ayorinde, V/Island, Lagos TIME: 8:00Am to 3:00pm FEE: ₦20,000 (Covers Tuition, Training Materials, Lunch, External Visitation, 1st Year Alumni Fee, *Access to Prestigious & Exclusive Net-Works Business Club Membership etc) Payment Details: (A) Online (B) Bank Account Name – RCCG COD NETWORK Account Num – 1014034201 Bank – ZENITH Registration: For More Enquiries Call 07065291124, 08022228145, or Email FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: Share on: ...

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3 Women That inspired me to venture into Entrepreneurship

By Tokunbo Fasoro Venturing into Entrepreneurship wasn’t an easy decision for me especially when I had spent time and resources gathering as much education and knowledge as I could in my area of expertise, knowing that I could earn a very good living working with those certificates. As much as I was afraid of the unknown, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to build a platform where I could do more; I didn’t want to be constrained by an employment contract. I had dreams I wanted to explore, amazing ideas I kept expanding in my head but even with all these, I was afraid. I said to myself many times that I needed to see God physically telling me “this is the way you should go” but you know, God uses people to speak to us. I will be sharing today about 3 women who inspired me to venture and lessons I learnt from them. Ayodeji Megbope: She is the C.E.O of No left over’s Nigeria Ltd- A full scale catering outfit which started with a takeoff capital of just One Thousand Naira (N1, 000.00), but today has an annual turnover that runs into millions of naira. The business ...

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Passion- Oluwadare

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – ​Sir Winston Churchill While the above quote is very apt in our day to day lives, the big question is “What is Enthusiasm?” The advanced English Dictionary defines enthusiasm as “a feeling of excitement and a lively interest.” Furthermore, the word ‘enthusiasm’ has synonyms such as fire, gusto, passion and zeal among others. That is why motivational speakers commonly advise individuals to do something they are passionate about. However, as Kunle Sorinyan, a life coach, asserted, not all passions are commercially viable. For example, your passion may be watching football, but, sitting down to watch football all day long might not be an economically viable idea, unless you own the sports bar. Consequently, the right counsel for entrepreneurs or prospective ones should be, “be passionate about what you do .” Here is where lots of people have a challenge; they think passion is inborn, but I beg to disagree. I dare say, you are passionate about what you have given time and attention to. For instance, I disliked boxing while growing up, because I thought it was uninteresting watching two men jogging around the ring, and throwing occasional punches at themselves. Nevertheless, during my ...

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Understanding The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

By Opeyemi Komolafe Listening to the news and people around me, what I hear is how jobs are being lost and businesses are being shut down because of the ‘recession’, I wonder why everyone is so frantic! About 10 years ago, there was a conversation that my mother had with me. My takeaway from that talk resounds in my mind almost everyday. Amongst the many things she said, I always remember her say ” Opeyemi” (she only calls my full name when she is dead serious or I am in deep trouble……..) “If your certificates were taken away from you, have you really thought about what you can do to generate income”? I was quite surprised at her question because I had graduated with a good result and companies had already started headhunting the group of us right from school. She went on to say “Multiple streams of income will always be an asset to you”. In the world of today, that phrase, ‘multiple streams of income’ has become a household slogan. Everyone is now under pressure to generate income from all sources by all means available. It is great if you have a salaried job, fantastic if you have ...

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How Much Money Do I Need To Start A Business?

I’ve seen the same mistake repeated over and over again by CEOs and business owners. The mistake blows me away each time I see it. What is that mistake? The CEO doesn’t have a plan for the business. And, if you’re going to succeed in business, you’ve gotta have a plan. The crazy thing is the plan doesn’t need to be complex. But there has to be a plan. And the primary goal of the plan is to: Determine how much money you need to start your business. You’re going to need to gather up everything to do with your company. Let’s break this into two parts: Revenue: Your revenue by month Your expected revenue by month Your current cost of goods (if you are selling a physical product) Your future cost of goods Your Expenses: Your salaries for each employee, including yourself The expected salaries you’re going to pay future employees Your rent Your insurance Subscriptions Office supplies Advertising expenses Travel expenses And anything where you are spending money to run your business You’ll be ahead of most people if you just do this simple exercise. Then, put everything into a spreadsheet so you can determine how much money ...

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Finding Your Purpose – Tokunbo Fasoro

My last two articles have been on following your passion and I was fortunate to be at the FREE Conference organized by ‎Jimi Tewe which was centered on being free and finding your purpose. I decided to share 7 exceptional quotes for BIE readers to ponder on and I encourage you to begin this journey.  1. ” Figure out what your life is all about early” Jimi Tewe 2. “Your Career must enable you to fulfill your purpose” Jimi Tewe 3. ” Look at what you have, rather than what you don’t have” Fela Durotoye 4. “You cannot be useful until you begin to use what you have” Jimi Tewe 5 “Success only lies at the end of an attempt”‎ Jimi Tewe  6. “When you know where you are going to, you get there faster‎” Fela-Durotoye  7. ” When you are in purpose, all things work together for your good” Fela Durotoye Don’t worry if you missed the conference, this amazing book covers all you need to know about finding your purpose. Get your own copy of Jimi Tewe latest book. #The Purpose book. Call Eniola on 08055194404.   ” The world is waiting for you”. I hope you were inspired? ...

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