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Think Big – Bolaji Akinlabi

Some people believe there are special individuals who are self-made because they are highly successful – I totally disagree with that. My simple belief is that they succeeded because they tapped into and unleashed their potentials for excellence. The world focuses on talent and highly publicised individuals with sought after jobs, giving them public recognition for their achievement. Other people achieve something and they get no reward or recognition simply because they failed to think critically before putting it into effect. This will take us on a short journey to Dr Ben Carson’s story: Ben’s parents got separated when he was eight years old. He and his brother Curtis were raised by a single mum. They moved from Boston to Detroit where he continued his education and attended Higgins Elementary School. Being a new student in the school, other students discriminated against him and tagged him as the dumbest kid in his class. They made jokes about him frequently. Ben gave in to this negativity and he actually saw himself as a dumb kid, but his mother who had always believed in him, saw him as a very smart kid. Of the different laws that guide the universe, the Law ...

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It is okay to be different! – Stanley Awelewa

Being different is totally okay, in fact it is not just okay, it is essential and what makes you who you are. Sometimes people are intimidated by the fact that you are different, but the people who really matter will love you for your unique personality. Some years back during my undergraduate days in the university, I woke up one night trying to decipher what makes some people innovators, trend setters and every other person. I discovered that the innovators are all different and they see the world differently and basically obsessed with a passion of taking the world from as it is to how it should be. The innovators and trend setters are always way ahead of their peers and contemporaries, they think differently, think ahead and there by creating a trend for others to follow. At first they are usually criticized by shallow and ignorant minds who try to tear them down with negative comments and remarks and try to be stumbling blocks in the wheel of progress. They are mostly Naysayers who never see anything good in a progressive and creative idea and they always come up with a thousand and one reasons why an idea will ...

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