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BI Training – Entrepreneurial Financial Management

BI Training Course. Are you an entrepreneur looking to understand how effective financial management will help your business? This training course is right for you. You will learn the various components of accounting for your business, taxation and what it means for your business. This training will give you new insights on growing your business through effective financial management. Please see above picture for more details on this training course. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 1

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Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is a common phenomenon in every organization and it takes many forms from simple instance of rivalry between teams to more complex cases of lack of trust and cooperation between groups of employees and management. Whether we like it or not we will have drama queens and kings who tend to blow non-event out of proportion just to create grief for other people and make the relational atmosphere in a team tense. As leaders in organizations the ability to effectively manage workplace conflict in a quick, objective and confidential manner says a lot about our leadership qualities. It should be noted however that not all workplace conflict is unhealthy. Some conflict are healthy conflict that helps to create innovation between teams example is conflict that arise from task that should be handled first or what methods to use in meeting a particular target. To tackle workplace conflict so that it has a positive impact rather than negative impact on the workplace consider using any of the following tips Ensure your Organization has a Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Disciplinary and grievance procedures remain the most frequently used method of handling conflicts. The disciplinary and grievance procedure are frameworks that ...

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Inspire Me – Tokunbo Fasoro of BI Solutions Nigeria

The CEO/Managing Partner at BI Solutions Nigeria was recently interviewed by This interview is motivating and inspiring, we hope it makes you feel the same way. Please enjoy As women, we are queens of the multi task. We are never resting. Always on the move. Always wanting more and better. Our guest this week is consummate HR professional, mother, wife and pastor. It’s a bit wordy but you will enjoy reading it. Who is… Adetokubo Oluwayemisi Fasoro (also formerly known as) Shado (without a ‘W’, thank you!). But friends call me either Tokunbo Fasoro or Toks sha. I was born in Zaria and grew up all over Kaduna. My parents were Civil Servants. I’ve been told severally that I look like my dad! I sometimes wonder why. But my father is fine so it’s good to look like him. I am the first of 4 girls. My parents got the boy last, six years after the fourth girl. And oh, I am from Ondo State. Educational background? Primary education was at Zaria Children School and Command Children School Kaduna. Went to two secondary schools too; Command Secondary School Kaduna and then Federal Government College Kaduna. I went to three ...

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