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Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is a common phenomenon in every organization and it takes many forms from simple instance of rivalry between teams to more complex cases of lack of trust and cooperation between groups of employees and management. Whether we like it or not we will have drama queens and kings who tend to blow non-event out of proportion just to create grief for other people and make the relational atmosphere in a team tense. As leaders in organizations the ability to effectively manage workplace conflict in a quick, objective and confidential manner says a lot about our leadership qualities. It should be noted however that not all workplace conflict is unhealthy. Some conflict are healthy conflict that helps to create innovation between teams example is conflict that arise from task that should be handled first or what methods to use in meeting a particular target. To tackle workplace conflict so that it has a positive impact rather than negative impact on the workplace consider using any of the following tips Ensure your Organization has a Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Disciplinary and grievance procedures remain the most frequently used method of handling conflicts. The disciplinary and grievance procedure are frameworks that ...

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